Working with the City of Greenville, Arbor Engineering and its talented design team envisioned a Place that encompassed the area’s rich history, its communal vitality and its most endearing natural resource. Falls Park opened in 2005, and has become the new icon of this dynamic metro.

From street level, stretching down several terraces to the base of the waterfall and meandering through along the river’s edge, Falls Park is a sensory-filled interactive experience.

There's the sound of the waterfall; the fragrance of nature constantly in bloom; the view of the Falls from the suspension bridge; the feeling of plush grass between your toes.

Constructed on the site where Greenville’s first European settler built a grist and lumber mill, Falls Park is one of the South’s best examples of how thoughtful Placemaking can bring a new spirit of civic consciousness to a community … and give it a great place to meet, relax and play.